Admission & Wristband Policy

Please read this information on admission and how to request wristbands for #NAIDC2016 in its entirety BEFORE completing the wristband request form.


Dancing families: If you have a family member who is dancing at NAIDC 2016, you have already paid admission, as part of your entries, so you DON’T need to pay admission.

Other attendees: Adult attendees other than dancing families need to pay a $25 admission fee. Children enter for free. Go to the NAIDC Registration desk when you arrive, to purchase admission.


The cost of your entries and admission does NOT cover the cost of running the event. However staying in one of our official hotels, offsets more of the cost, so we can run an affordable event. Not to mention it helps us all get a cheaper hotel room.

What are the wristbands for? To make sure this policy is well supported, we require everyone to stay in an official block in any of our host hotels, with the exception of Florida residents. Anyone who is not one of the above needs to pay a Facility Usage Fee, which costs $100 fee per person, per day to access the ballrooms. Wearing a WRISTBAND is proof that you are compliant with this policy.

Who needs a wristband? All attendees aged 8 and older. (Including dancers) Younger children do NOT need a wristband.

How do I get a wristband? As of June 27, the online form is no longer available. You can pick up and fill in a form at the NAIDC registration desk.

Where do I show my wristband? Wristbands will be checked at the door of every ballroom, as you enter.

Where do I get my wristband? You will pick up your wristbands at the NAIDC REGISTRATION DESK at the event, NOT at your hotel check in. There will be a faster WILL CALL line for people who apply online in advance.

When can I get a wristband? The NAIDC Registration desk will open on the evening of Thursday June 30th, and will remain open each day throughout the championships.

How long will the process take? While we will try to keep things moving, there may be long lines to pick up wrist bands. Please try to pick up wristbands in advance of the morning you dance.

What if I plan on paying the $100 fee? You need to bring either CASH or US$ CHECK (with ID) made out to “NAIDC-SR”. You do NOT need to fill in a form but you should go to the NAIDC Registration desk to pay and receive wristbands.

Does everyone fill in a form? No, you only need ONE form per family.

How many wristbands will our family receive? You will receive one wristband for each person aged 8 and older, staying in your room(s), so please fill in ALL of those names on your form.

Do dancers get a wristband automatically? No, dancers need to provide proof, like all attendees, that their families are staying in an official hotel block, OR that they are a Florida residents. If you lose your wristband, you need to PAY for a replacement. (see below)

What if I am an adult dancer, unaccompanied by a family member? Just fill in the same form for yourself.

Do teachers get a wristband automatically? No, teachers need to provide proof, like all attendees, that they are staying in an official hotel block, OR that they are a Florida resident.

Go to the TEACHER line at the NAIDC registration desk.

Are the wristbands the same every day? Wristbands remain the same color all week, so you only need one. Keep it on all week.

What if I am staying in an official hotel but outside the NAIDC block? You will be required to pay the Facility Usage Fee. Please consider moving into one of our official blocks.

What if I am a Florida resident? As you have the option of staying in your own home, rather than a hotel, you do NOT need to stay in an official NAIDC hotel block, and you will NOT be charged the facility usage fee.  

However you WILL need to show a valid Florida ID (e.g. driver’s license, college ID) at the NAIDC registration desk, for every ADULT in your family, to get your wristbands.

Children aged 17 and under, do not need an ID, as long as they are accompanied by a family member with a Florida ID.

What if I am a PART TIME resident in Florida? If you have a residence in Florida (such as a holiday home), but not a Florida ID, you must apply to the committee in advance, to be recognized as a Florida resident, and thereby avoid the Facility Usage Fee.

You must complete this by June 23rd 2016. It CANNOT be approved at the event.

Your wristbands will be left at the WILL CALL line at the registration desk, at the event, under your name.

Please note that this does NOT extend to time share properties. You need to own your property year round.

What if I lose my wristband? You will have to purchase a new one.

Is there a deadline for applying online? Yes, fill in the form BY June 26th. Otherwise, you will need to fill in a form at the event, and your wait time will most likely be longer.

What information do I need to complete the form?  

  • Names of those staying in your room (aged 8 and older)
  • Contact information (in the event the committee needs to contact you): mobile phone, email, dancing school, dancing
  • Hotel Reservations: name of hotel or Florida resident, hotel confirmation number, check in date, check out date