Below are some of the most common questions we’ve received.  Please take a look at the responses in the event you have the same questions.  We’d also like to take this opportunity to remind all attendees that the host committee and organizers are volunteers — teachers and parents from the IDTANA-Southern Region.  We are not professional event planners or hotel booking agents. We will assist with individual requests as possible — especially where we’ve identified that we can, such as cancellations due to adjudicator conflict — but we cannot make special accommodations for individual attendees.

1. Where do I find information about the 2016 North American Irish Dance Championships?

The best place to find information about #NAIDC2016 is on our website and social media channels.   The website is http://idtana-southernregion.com/naidc16/ — check the menu bar at the top of the page or our Latest News section for the most recent updates. You can also follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram at @naidc2016 for updates.  Also, DURING the competition, these are the sites where we’ll be making announcements, updates and posting results as they happen, so connect with us online to follow along and remember that hashtag – #NAIDC2016.

2.  Will there be shuttles between the overflow hotels and the main venue?

The host committee is not organizing a shuttle service between locations due to the cost and logistics involved.  There is onsite parking at a discounted rate for those with vehicles.  For those not renting a vehicle, there are taxicabs, Uber and Lyft services throughout the city. Please check with your hotel’s guest services desk for additional options.

3.  How do I get a wristbands to get into the competition?

If you are staying in the hotels within the official block, you will receive a wristband that identifies your facility fee is covered.  This is DIFFERENT than the cost of admission, which for dancers and their immediate families was included in your registration fee.  Please take a moment to read our full Admission and Wristband Policy to answer any questions you may have on that topic.  Once you have read that page and if you are in a block hotel room or a Florida resident, you can complete the wristband request form prior to arriving at #NAIDC2016.  You can also complete the form on site when pickup opens at the NAIDC Registration Desk beginning June 30th, but we anticipate long lines to do so.  Please consider completing the online form in advance.

You will NOT receive any confirmations from the committee once you have submitted your form.  If there are questions about what you have submitted, you may be contacted by our volunteers.

4.  My mother is now staying with us in the block, but I’ve already sent in my wristband request form.  Do I need to fill it out again?

Everyone in your room will need a wristband.  You can complete the form online again, or you can request the addition by completing another form in person at the NAIDC Registration Desk.  Our volunteers who are managing the requests may contact you if they notice multiple requests. Remember, however, that we anticipate long lines for those completing wristband request forms in person and ask that you consider completing it before June 26th online.

5.  What discounts are available to event attendees?

We have a page on the websites that lists the discounts currently available to those attending #NAIDC2016.  We’ve provided information and links as sent to us by the companies offering the discount — beyond those links, we don’t have additional information.  You will need to contact the companies for any additional information.

6.   Will there be live commentary we can subscribe to?

As the host, the IDTANA-Southern Region will be providing basic coverage of #NAIDC2016 for free to all attendees with access to our social media accounts.  While there will not be a live commentary per se, our coverage will include posts throughout the day to include recalls and some photo coverage.  The awards ceremonies each evening will be covered live, with the winning results in real-time via Twitter (@naidc2016) and a posting of the final results shortly after each competition is announced.  Care to help us with coverage?  Be sure to hashtag your social media posts with #NAIDC2016 and we may repost them on our accounts.

 7. I really want to be in the host hotel.  Can I get on the wait list?

The wait list opened AND closed on the day reservations began being accepted last November.  Rooms are still being released, so those currently on the wait list are being contact if rooms become available.  You can also check to see if anyone is releasing rooms by visiting the Room Swap page we set up on Facebook.  This site allows those looking to release their rooms to give them to those looking to find a room.  You’ll need to make the arrangements yourself, but it’s worth checking out.

8.   Will there be a mass on Saturday or Sunday at the event?

The holy sacrament of mass will be offered in the Sago Ballroom (Palms) at the following days and times: Saturday July 2nd at 5:15 p.m. AND Sunday July 3rd at 6:15 a.m.

9. I saw that we are being charged an additional $25 resort fee at the host hotel.  Is that correct?

No, there is no resort fee for this event.  The Marriott tells us this is a standard note on their reservation correspondence that they are not able to remove.  The $25 should not be charged to attendees of the North American Irish Dance Championships.

10. What vendors will be at #NAIDC2016?  

Check out who will be a part of our Vendor Village on our website – http://idtana-southernregion.com/naidc16/vendors/

11.  Is there a dress resale room at #NAIDC2016?

Yes!  The 2nd Time Around Dress Sitting Service will be onsite.  Be sure to check out their Facebook page for more information on their resale/dress-sitting services.

12.  I don’t need my room anymore.  Can I get a refund on the deposit?

No.  The one-night deposit is non-refundable.  You can, however, see if anyone is interested in taking over your reservation by visiting the Room Swap page we set up on Facebook.  This site allows those looking to release their rooms to give them to those looking to find a room.  You’ll need to make the arrangements yourself to change the names on the reservation and recoup the deposit (Paypal works great!).

13.  How do I know what split my dancer is in?

Any solo competition at #NAIDC2016 that has 150 or more entries are split into an A and a B competition. Usually they are divided by birth date, but this year, they will be randomly divided.

We will release an ONLINE alphabetic list of all dancers in an A split and all dancers in a B split, at 5pm on Wednesday, June 29. You can find it either on our website’s Schedule & Syllabus page or links to it on our social media sites – @naidc2016 on Facebook and Twitter. In addition, we will post a PRINTED version of it at the host hotel (Marriott World Center), at the same time. Please see the display board outside the entrance to Salon G/H – the Crystal Ballroom.

14.  I have an adjudicator conflict and would like to get a refund for my room deposit. Who do I contact?

The deadline for releasing a room for those with adjudicator conflicts was May 31. At this time and moving forward, no refunds will be issued for rooms not released.

15.  I still need a hotel room.  Where do I get one?

Please see our accommodations page.  Rooms are still available within the block at the Caribe Royale.  All other hotels, per their contract, have released their rooms in the Irish dance block and no longer have availability.

16.  I was on the wait list and got into the host hotel.  Can I get my refund back for the overflow hotel?

Not at this time. We apologize that we can’t refund the deposit at this point as it is 1) past the May 31 deadline for cancellation due to adjudicator conflicts and 2) past the contract date for rooms at the hotels.  Per those contracts, the hotels are no longer allowing our committee to authorize refunds for any reason due to the proximity of the event dates.  If you have a room to release please visit the Room Swap page we set up on Facebook to see if there are others who will take over your reservation.

17. I’m concerned about security at the hotel in Orlando.  What is in place there?

From the NAIDC host hotelMarriott International has a strict No Weapons Policy. The North American Irish Dance Championships Committee has hired an off-duty Orange County Deputy to be present throughout the events on July 1-5. In addition, the hotel has notified local law enforcement about your group and has asked that extra patrols of our property be conducted. The Orlando World Center maintains a close relationship with the Orange County Sheriff’s Office and has dedicated security on duty 24 hours per day.

18. What time do vendors open each day?  What about buying results — when can I do that?

Check our out Schedule-at-a-glance page for a quick reference on what’s happening at #NAIDC2016.

19. How much is parking at the host hotel?  What about a my overflow hotel?

All of the parking information and costs is posted on our Accommodations page. Also, lease be mindful of the traffic directional signs when you enter the property. Please plan for extra travel time due to potential heavy traffic in and out of the hotel.

20.  Is there free internet at the venue?

From our Schedule-at-a-glance page: For guests staying at the World Center  – complimentary basic tiered internet in guest rooms for Marriott Rewards Members. Go to http://www.marriott.com/rewards/rewards-program.mi Click Join Now in the top right hand corner. In addition, our Group has been offered a 50% discount on basic tier internet in hotel rooms for anyone who chooses not to become a Marriott Rewards member.