Adjudicators & Musicians

The following adjudicators have been selected to judge at the 2016 North American Irish Dance Championships.

North American                                                         

  • Caitlin Allen, NY/USA
  • Lisa Chaplin McAllister, MA/USA
  • Maureen Collins Novaco, NY/USA
  • Noelle Curran, NJ/USA
  • Michael Dillon, CA/USA
  • Noreen Houlihan Smith, MA/USA
  • Ann Johnston Sullivan, NY/USA
  • Edward Murphy, NY/USA
  • LuAnn O’Rourke Boyd, NY/USA
  • Colleen Schroeder, PA/USA
  • Michael Smith, MA/USA
  • Carlene Stillson, ME/USA


  • Des Bailey, Ireland
  • Marie Connell, England
  • Anthony Costello, Ireland
  • Danny Doherty, England
  • Caroline Greene Parfery, Scotland
  • Cian Nolan, Ireland
  • Hilary Joyce Owens, England
  • Angela McDonagh, Ireland
  • Jonathan McMorrow, Ireland
  • David Smith, Scotland
  • Brendan Tiernan, Ireland
  • Claire Usher McMorrow, Ireland

The following musicians have been selected to play at the 2016 North American Irish Dance Championships.

  • Merv Bell, TCRG, Canada
  • Liam Bradley, Ireland
  • Dean Crouch, TCRG, England
  • Anthony Davis, England
  • William Furlong, USA
  • Dr. Brian Grant, ADCRG, Canada
  • Patrick King, Canada
  • Kevin Joyce, Ireland
  • Damian McKee, Ireland
  • Christopher McLoughlin, USA
  • Mark Mohan, Ireland
  • Niall Mulligan, USA
  • Sean O’Brien, Canada
  • Cormac O’Shea, TCRG, USA
  • Liam O’Sullivan, England
  • Francis Ward, TCRG, Ireland
  • Ann Marie Acosta Williams, TCRG, USA

Information on the #NAIDC2016 room block is available here.  We will update shortly with additional information on requesting a refund for a room deposit if you are no longer attending the competition due to a judging conflict. We will also update on accommodations as information becomes available.