Frequently Asked Questions for #SRO2021

Frequently Asked Questions for #SRO2021

Do I have to wear a mask?

Yes. You MUST wear a mask while you are indoors at the Oireachtas. Anyone unwilling to comply with this requirement will be asked to leave our contracted space. We not only want to keep everyone safe, we are abiding by Guilford County Rules and the Mask Mandate. “Face Coverings Required in Public Places. The Board of Health enacts the following restriction: (1) Individuals must wear Face Coverings when indoors in all businesses, establishments, and public places.

(2) All businesses, establishments, and public places, whether for profit or not-for-profit, must require that all persons wear Face Coverings when indoors on their premises.”

Do I have to wear a mask if I am vaccinated?

Yes. Even if you are vaccinated, you must wear a mask inside any building, per the Mask Mandate.

Masks are also required for all attendees by the Southern Region Oireachtas committee regardless of your vaccination status.

Does my dancer have to wear a mask when he/she competes in solos?

No. A dancer may take his/her mask off to compete. According to the Guilford County Rules, a person may remove their mask if they are: “giving a speech or performance for a broadcast, or to an audience, where they maintain a distance of at least 20 feet from the audience”

Can my dancer wear a mask with our school name/logo?

When competing in solo’s, a dancer’s mask must not have school names or logos on them. They may match the costume, be colorful or sparkly, but NOT have the school name or logo on it. Team masks must not have school name on it.

Does my dancer have to wear a mask when he/she competes in TEAMS? Yes. Since the dancers on teams are not able to social distance while on stage, they will need to wear a mask.

My dancer is with the same kids every week and they don’t wear masks at practice. Do they still have to wear a mask for teams?

Yes. In accordance with Guilford County Rules, all team dancers MUST wear a mask while indoors.

Will ceilis dance one or two teams at a time?

8 hand ceilis will dance one team at a time. 4 hand ceilis will dance two at a time.

Does my dancer need to wear a mask when he/she practices at the SRO?

Yes. Masks must be worn at all times when indoors, per the Mask Mandate.

How many spectators can come watch?

One person per dancer. We wish you could have all of your family and friends attend and watch the dancing, however, we are trying to maintain a safe environment. Limiting the amount of spectators will assist with social distancing in the ballrooms.

Will I receive a program book?

You will receive an ONLINE program included in your family fee. This will be available on

Can I purchase a physical program book?

Yes you can! A program can be purchased for $22.50 through Quick Feis:

Will there be live video coverage this year?

Yes. Vision Mixer will be videoing the dancing in each ballroom. Your family fee includes access for two devices.

Can I purchase another access for Vision Mixer if two isn’t enough?

Yes. There will be a charge per extra device.

What will the format be for dancing solos?

The stage size is a 32 X 28 raised stage.

Solo dancers will dance ONE at a time using the whole stage for each round. Musicians will play a continuous tune for three dancers, including an 8-bar introduction for each dancer.The dancer will dance their whole dance (3 steps for reel and treble jig, 2.5 steps for slip jig and hornpipe) For example: dancer 1 will place her mask in her bag side stage, walk on the stage and dance her reel. During her last 8 bars of dancing, dancer 2 will walk on stage. Dancer 1 will finish her reel, bow, and immediately walk off the stage to retrieve her mask during the 8-bar introduction for dancer #2. Dancer 2 will wait for the 8 bars introduction and then dance. The process will continue with dancer 3. The musician will finish the tune after dancer 3 has completed their dance. Then there will be a short 30 second break to allow musicians to rest. The process will begin again with the next 3 dancers.

Traditional set competitors will dance 2 at a time. The stage will be divided in half, with each dancer competing on their own side.

There will be NO number check.

What is the Judging format?

There will be a panel of 3 judges who rotate for each round.

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