Additional SRO2021 Information

Additional SRO2021 Information

Number and Program Pick Up

Number Pick Up: Competitor numbers for all competitions will be available for pick up beginning at 4:00pm Thursday. Numbers can be picked up in the ballroom where dancers dance Round 1. In addition to the number, dancers will receive their patch and the spectator card.

Number pick up will be available Friday and Saturday from 5:00-7:00pm in a central location.

If the number is not picked up in advance, it will be available in the room the dancer competes in round 1. Numbers MUST be picked up before the first dancer commences dancing in the competition.

Numbers will only be distributed to dancers who have filled out their waiver here:

Program Pick Up: If you pre-ordered a hard copy of the program, it will be available for pickup beginning at 4:00pm Thursday in a central location.

Ballroom Set Up and Spectator Access

Ballroom Set Up: The ballrooms will be set up with sets of 2 chairs. Please do not move or rearrange the chairs.

Spectator Access: ONE spectator will be permitted to access the ballroom with their dancer. The spectator will be given a color coded card at number pick up to allow them access to the ballroom. The spectator must wear their mask at all times.

Ballroom entrance procedure: Each dancer and their guardian will enter the ballroom together. They will sit in two seats. They need to remain in the chairs until it is the dancer’s time to line up on the side stage. There will be no practicing at the back of the rooms or aisles. With the exception of having their dress/jacket on, the dancer should be ready to compete upon entering the ballroom.

In any competition with more than 50 dancers, the groups admitted to the ballroom will be divided into sections. Group A will be the first 33% of dancers in the competition, Group B will be the second 33% of the competition, and Group C will be in the third 33%. The competitor number will be color coded to indicate which group your dancer is in. Only competitors in the current 33% will be allowed in the ballroom. There will be a monitor from the event staffing company that we hired that will be assigned to each ballroom. Rules for entry will be strictly enforced.

Dancing Procedures

Stage Size: All stages are 32′ x 28′ raised stages.

Solo Dancers: Solo dancers will dance ONE at a time using the whole stage, for soft shoe and hard shoe. They will dance their whole dance (3 steps for reel and treble jig, 2.5 steps for slip jig and hornpipe). Musicians will play a continuous tune for three dancers, including an 8-bar introduction for each dancer.

For example: Dancer 1 will place her mask in her bag side stage, walk on the stage and dance her reel. During her last 8 bars of dancing, Dancer 2 will walk on stage. Dancer 1 will finish her reel, bow, and immediately walk off the stage to retrieve her mask during the 8-bar introduction for Dancer 2. Dancer 2 will wait for the 8 bars introduction and then dance. The process will continue with Dancer 3. The musician will finish the tune after Dancer 3 has completed their dance. Then there will be a short 30 second break to allow musicians to rest. The process will begin again with the next 3 dancers.

Traditional Set Dancers: Traditional set competitors will dance 2 at a time. The stage will be divided in half, with each dancer competing on their own side.

Number Check: There is no number check in any competition.

Recalls and Awards

Recalls: Recalls will be posted on Quickfeis and on the Southern Region Facebook page.

Recall Round Spectators: Dancers will be permitted one spectator for the recall round of dancing. Entrance to the ballroom for the recall round will be similar to the entrance process for rounds 1 & 2. Masks are required to be worn by everyone at all times except while the dancer is on stage.

Awards: Awards will be handed each evening in three ballrooms. Each afternoon, we will post on social media to indicate which competition awards will be handed out in each ballroom.

Awards Spectators: Recalled dancers will be permitted one spectator for the awards ceremony. Only recalled dancers will be allowed into the ballrooms for the awards ceremony. The awards ceremonies will be live streamed. Masks must be worn by everyone at all times while in the ballroom.

Parade of Champions: The winner of each solo competition will dance a step of their soft shoe dance immediately after winning their competition. All of the first place winners each evening will perform a Parade of Champions. This will be videoed and shared via social media. There will be no live audience.

Masks and Door Monitors

Mask Requirements: Masks need to be worn by everyone AT ALL TIMES. Anyone unwilling to comply with this requirement will be asked to leave our contracted space.

The only time a mask is optional is when the dancer is competing on stage in solo or traditional set competitions.

Masks worn on the day of solo competition may not have the dancer’s school, logo or name on it. If a dancer lines up-side stage with a mask that identifies him/her by name or school, a medical mask will be issued side stage for them to change out.

Teams must wear masks while dancing on stage. The masks may have the school logo on them but may not have the school name.

Door Monitors: Similar to last year, the region has gone to great expense to hire people to support us in monitoring the practice, vending, and ballroom areas. They are there to help us and keep everyone safe. Directions from them must be followed. They will control the traffic in & out of the ballrooms as well as monitor the hallways, vendor areas, and practice spaces to ensure social distancing protocols are being followed.

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