Event Info

Event Info

The 2022 Southern Region Oireachtas will be held in Orlando, FL at the Hilton Orlando

The competitions will begin on Friday, December 2, and conclude on Sunday, December 4, 2022.

The 2022 Schedule has been posted HERE.

Posted 11/27: The Check-In and Adjudication Procedures for this year’s event are posted HERE.


The SRO 2022 syllabus is available for viewing HERE.

Program Books

All registered competitors will receive a PDF version of the SRO Program. Printed programs must be pre-ordered on the Quickfeis website by November 1. No hard copies will be available for purchase at the Oireachtas.

Pre-Ordered Program Books can be picked up outside the Orlando IV Ballroom. Hours are: 5pm-9pm on Thursday, 7am-9am & 7pm-9pm on Friday and Saturday, and 7am-9am on Sunday.


  • Aileen Cronin (USA)
  • Aislin Toal Casey (USA)
  • Attracta Quinn (USA)
  • Bernadette Trainor (England)
  • Brendan O’Brien (Ireland)
  • Bridget Flynn (USA)
  • Carol Pirsztuk (USA)
  • Debbie MacVoy (Canada)
  • Daryl Goldes (USA)
  • Deirdre Penk O’Donnell (Canada)
  • Donna Crouch (England)
  • Heather McClanahan (USA)
  • Helen O’Dwyer (USA)
  • Isabella Fogarty (Ireland)
  • James Mueller (USA)
  • Jill Etoll (USA)
  • JJ Hester (USA)
  • John Godley (USA)
  • John Grimes (USA)
  • Justine Ward Mallinson (England)
  • Kate Wosczyna (USA)
  • Marie Connell (England)
  • Mary Kay Heneghan (USA)
  • Megan Hickey (USA)
  • Michael Fitzpatrick (USA)
  • Moira McMahon (USA)
  • Molly Curran (USA)
  • Nora McHugh (USA)
  • Sharon O’Brien (Ireland)
  • Sharon Whelan MacSweeney (USA)


  • Annmarie Acosta Williams, ADCRG (USA)
  • Chris McLoughlin (USA)
  • Claire Shirey (USA)
  • Cormac Ó Sé, TCRG (USA)
  • Katie Grennan (USA)
  • Liam O’Sullivan (England)
  • Linda Rutherford (USA)
  • Regan Wick, TCRG (USA)
  • Sean O’Brien (Canada)
  • Sean Warren (USA)
  • Shannon Quinn (Canada)
  • Tony Rutherford (USA)


Located in the Florida Ballroom. Operating hours are 8pm – late on Thursday and 7am-7pm Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Note: Hair & Make Up Appointments are in Key Largo B

  • Camelia Rose
  • Celtic Curls
  • Fays Shoes
  • Feisty Fitzy
  • Head for the World
  • Irish Peach Imports
  • Irish Seams
  • Lilikoi
  • Northwest Designs
  • Open Wings
  • Rutherford Products
  • Shamrock Photo Central
  • Your Fresh Face