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August 06, 2012

2012 Oireachtas Syllabus and Competition Information Available

The syllabus for the 2012 Southern Region Oireachtas has been posted on our Competition Information page and is also available for download on Feisworx.  A reminder that only registered teachers may compete registrations for the SRO.

The syllabus includes information on the following:

  • Adjudicators (Page 2)
  • Entry Fees (Page 2)
  • Solo Championships required dances (Page 9)
  • Ceili Championships age groups (Page 10)
  • Traditional Set Competitions (for non-Oireachtas Solo dancers) (Page 11)
  • Program Advertising (Page 12)
  • Award Sponsorship (Page 13)

The syllabus, program advertising forms and award sponsorship information are also available on our Downloads page

The adjudicators selected for the 2012 Southern Region Oireachtas include:

  • Barbara Blakely, Alberta
  • Maire Dixon, Ireland
  • Liam Harney, Massachusetts
  • Stephen McAteer, Kuwait
  • Kathleen Keady, New York
  • Kevin McCormack, Ireland
  • Rita O'Shea, Massachusetts
  • James McCutcheon, Scotland
  • Karen Petri, New York
  • Bertie Roddy, England
  • Ellen Riordan, New York
  • Mona Roddy, Ireland
  • Mary Lou Schade, New York
  • Sharon Taylor, Scotland
  • Julie Showalter, Illinois

August 04, 2012

Update on Preliminary Schedule

The syllabus for the 2012 Southern Region Oireachtas will be posted soon, but the following competition schedule can be confirmed:

  • Friday: Girls & Boys Solos U8, U9, U10, U11, U12, U13. Traditional Set Competitions.
  • Saturday: Ladies & Mens Solos U18, U19, U20, 20 & over. All teams.
  • Sunday: Girls & Boys Solos U14, U15, U16, U17 
The syllabus will be posted to Feisworx and to this site in the coming days.

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