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October 21, 2012

Food Vouchers at the Sheraton Hotel

A reminder to attendees staying at the Sheraton:

If you are staying at the Sheraton Hotel on Canal Street for our Oireachtas, you will receive your $10.00 per night per room food voucher, when you check in. You will receive an envelope that contains the vouchers. There will be additional New Orleans type material in there as well.

The vouchers are good for any Food and Beverage establishment located in the Sheraton Hotel, including Starbucks. There will be no change given when using the vouchers: if you only spend a few dollars for a soda and chips, say $4.00, you will not get back $6.00.

Please make sure you get your vouchers when you check in .

October 17, 2012

Oireachtas Vendors

The following vendors have confirmed that they they will be at the 2012 Southern Region Oireachtas:

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