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2nd Time Around - Dress Sale Service

Michelle Painter-Larsen, a TCRG from the Western Region, is bringing her dress-minding service to our Oireachtas to assist those trying to resell and buy costumes. The dresses will be held in a section of the Vendor Village area and supervised. There is a $25 fee for leaving your dress from Thursday until Sunday. As an alternative to the fee, you may schedule and work a four-hour shift in the shop with Michelle and hang your dress for the weekend without a fee. To volunteer, contact Michelle as soon as possible:

Dresses may not be sold in the hotel otherwise. There will be no other area for hanging dresses. The Southern Region asks that you do not attempt to display a dress for sale outside of 2nd Time Around. This service has been engaged to protect your dress and to provide a convenient area for to shop for dresses. It has been used successfully in other regions.

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