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New This Year: Numbers Checks in Solo Competitions

Per a new ruling from CLRG, all dancers competing at major competitions (like the Southern Region Oireachtas) will be asked to return to stage following the first and second rounds of their solo competitions for a "number check."  In SRO competitions with more than 30 dancers, number checks will be held after each group of 30 dancers competes. 

After 30 dancers compete, that group of dancers will line up and return to stage.  This allows the adjudication panel the opportunity to get one more look at the dancer, as well as make sure their scores are matched to the correct dancer.  It will also give friends and family a brief chance to take a picture of their dancer on stage (as photos are prohibited during competition).

To facilitate the number checks, dancers are asked to remain in the competition room after they compete their round.  Stage managers will call the groups to the stage; however, the dancer's assistance and attention to the process is requested. 




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