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Traditional Set Competition Winners

Thank you to all of the dancers who competed in the traditional set competitions at the 2013 Southern Region Oireachtas.  It's only the second year we've held the competition (first for the Adult competition) and we're thrilled so many dancers participated.

Here are the winners of the 2013 competitions:

  • Under 8 - Patrick Gareau, McGrath Academy
  • Under 10 - Audrey Liberta, Broesler School
  • Under 12 - Taylor Asbell, Aoibhneas an Rince Irish Dancers
  • Under 14 - Emma Donovan, Aoibhneas an Rince Irish Dancers
  • Under 16 - Sophie Welber, Culkin School
  • 16 & Over - Caitlin Frazier, Southern Academy
  • Adults - Ursula Rogers, Inis Cairde

The full results from the traditional set competitions will be posted on the Southern Region website once this weekend's competitions are wrapped up. Congratulations to all those who placed!

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