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New at #SRO2017: Professional video of your dancer

New at #SRO2017: Professional video of your dancer

New at this year’s Southern Region Oireachtas! More than just a livestream of awards, you can now purchase video coverage of your dancer’s performance.

DRC Video, an industry leader in providing videography for dance events, will be a part of our event and, for customers, will provide video of the following performances:

  • 4 hands
  • 8 hands
  • Figure choreographies
  • Dance dramas
  • Traditional sets
  • Championship solo sets (for recalled dancers)
  • Awards (included in any competition ordered)

Parents and dancers will be able to register with DRC and with their own password see their dancers performances. Information on how to purchase and register will be released closer to the Oireachtas.

Pricing is as follows:

  • Solo Recall Set – $40
  • Traditional Set – $35
  • Figure choreography -$20/dancer*
  • Dance Drama -$20/dancer*
  • Ceilis- $15/dancer*

* Please note: UPDATED (10/26) Dancers will be able to individually order team competitions, which will be saved to the dancer’s online account. These videos will not be downloadable, but they are accessible by individuals without the whole team needing to purchase¬†

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