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#SRO2017 – Day 2 Competitions

#SRO2017 – Day 2 Competitions

Day two – Saturday, December 2

Welcome to #SRO2017 – Day 1 competitions

Welcome to #SRO2017 – Day 1 competitions

We kick off the 2017 Southern Region Oireachtas on Friday, Dec. 1 with the following competitions:

Vendors for the #SRO2017

Vendors for the #SRO2017

The following vendors will be at the 2017 Southern Region Oireachtas in Orlando:

New at #SRO2017: Professional video of your dancer

New at #SRO2017: Professional video of your dancer

New at this year’s Southern Region Oireachtas! More than just a livestream of awards, you can now purchase video coverage of your dancer’s performance.

DRC Video, an industry leader in providing videography for dance events, will be a part of our event and, for customers, will provide video of the following performances:

  • 4 hands
  • 8 hands
  • Figure choreographies
  • Dance dramas
  • Traditional sets
  • Championship solo sets (for recalled dancers)
  • Awards (included in any competition ordered)

Parents and dancers will be able to register with DRC and with their own password see their dancers performances. Information on how to purchase and register will be released closer to the Oireachtas.

Pricing is as follows:

  • Solo Recall Set – $40
  • Traditional Set – $35
  • Figure choreography -$20/dancer*
  • Dance Drama -$20/dancer*
  • Ceilis- $15/dancer*

* Please note: UPDATED (10/26) Dancers will be able to individually order team competitions, which will be saved to the dancer’s online account. These videos will not be downloadable, but they are accessible by individuals without the whole team needing to purchase 

#SRO2017 Adjudicators & Musicians announced

#SRO2017 Adjudicators & Musicians announced

The following adjudicators and musicians will be at the 2017 Southern Region Oireachtas in Orlando, Florida:

Updated:  11/3/2017


  • Kerry Ann Broderick, New York, USA
  • Grace Ann Coyle, Pennsylvania, USA
  • Danny Doherty, Coventry, England
  • Michael Donellan, Clare, Ireland
  • Caroline Duggan, Mayo, Ireland
  • Michael Fitzpatrick, Massachusetts, USA
  • Jimmy Friel, New Jersey, USA
  • John Heinzman, Michigan, USA
  • Niall Holly, Dublin, Ireland
  • Noreen Houlihan-Smith, Massachusetts, USA
  • Olive Hurley, Dublin, Ireland
  • Bronwyn Kelly, Victoria, Australia
  • LuAnn O’Rourke-Boyd, New York, USA
  • Ellen Riordan, New York, USA
  • Debbie Trainor, London, England
  • Jackie Scanlon, Clare, Ireland
  • Julie Showalter, Illinois, USA
  • Michael Smith, Massachusetts, USA


  • Ann Marie Acosta Williams, TCRG, New York, USA
  • Brian Boyce, Pennsylvania, USA
  • William Furlong, New York, USA
  • Brian Glynn, South Carolina, USA
  • Brian Grant, ADCRG, Toronto, Canada
  • Pat King, Toronto, Canada
  • Chris McLoughlin, New Jersey, USA
  • Niall Mulligan, New York, USA
  • Sean O’Brien, Calgary, Canada
  • Cormac O’Shea, TCRG, Minnesota, USA
  • Shannon Quinn, Nova Scotia, Canada
  • Mike Shaffer, Ohio, USA
  • Regan Wick, TCRG, New Jersey, USA
  • Theresa Shaffer Wilkinson, ADCRG, Pennsylvania, USA
Dancing at #SRO2017? Make sure your QuickFeis account is up to date

Dancing at #SRO2017? Make sure your QuickFeis account is up to date

Registration for the 2017 Southern Region Oireachtas will be opening soon.  Dance families — your teacher will complete your registration, but you can help them by having your QuickFeis account updated.

All dancers, including those entering solo championships, any team events, and/or the Traditional Set Competitions, must have a QuickFeis account.  If your dancer participated in the Oireachtas last year, they should all set unless you have changed schools or made other updates.  If not:

(a)  Each FAMILY needs to set up their account with QuickFeis

(b)  Please follow ALL the steps in the SUPPORT tab

Once the accounts are set up, teachers will be able to register the dancers for Oireachtas.

Please note that teachers are not allowed to make any changes (DOB, name, …) to the dancers accounts.  They need to ask the dancers to make any corrections themselves to their account.

Teachers:  In order to register for the Southern Region Oireachtas, all teachers must have a personal account with QuickFeis. If you already have an account from last year, you are all set.


(1)  Set up their personal account with QuickFeis (do not share with school or other teachers)

(2)  Once an account is created, click the REQUEST TEACHER account – fill out the form completely.

QuickFeis will then upgrade your account, and you will see a TEACHER tab at the top of your page.