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The 2017 Southern Region Oireachtas will be held at the Hilton Orlando Bonnet Creek in Orlando, Florida.

The competitions will begin on Friday, December 1, 2017, and conclude on Sunday, December 3, 2017.

TENTATIVE Daily Schedule (subject to change once entries have been finalized)
Friday, December 1   Saturday, December 2   Sunday, December 3
Girls Under 8 Ladies Under 18 Girls Under 13
Girls Under 9 Ladies Under 19 Girls Under 14
Girls Under 10 Ladies Under 20 Girls Under 15
Girls Under 11 Men Under 18 Girls Under 16
Girls Under 12 Men Under 19 Girls Under 17
Ladies Under 22 Men Under 20 Boys Under 15
Ladies 22 and over  Men 20 ane over Boys Under 16
Boys Under 8  All 4 Hand Competitions Boys Under 17
Boys Under 9  All 8 Hand Competitions
Boys Under 10 Figure Choreography
Boys Under 11  Dance Drama
Boys Under 12
Boys Under 13
Boys Under 14
All Traditional Set

The following adjudicators and musicians will be at the 2017 Southern Region Oireachtas in Orlando, Florida (updated 11/30)


  • Kerry Ann Broderick, New York, USA
  • Grace Ann Coyle, Pennsylvania, USA
  • Danny Doherty, Coventry, England
  • Michael Donellan, Clare, Ireland
  • Caroline Duggan, Mayo, Ireland
  • Michael Fitzpatrick, Massachusetts, USA
  • Jimmy Friel, New Jersey, USA
  • John Heinzman, Michigan, USA
  • Niall Holly, Dublin, Ireland
  • Noreen Houlihan-Smith, Massachusetts, USA
  • Colleen Coyle Kelly, USA
  • Bronwyn Kelly, Victoria, Australia
  • LuAnn O’Rourke-Boyd, New York, USA
  • Ellen Riordan, New York, USA
  • Debbie Trainor, London, England
  • Jackie Scanlon, Clare, Ireland
  • Julie Showalter, Illinois, USA
  • Michael Smith, Massachusetts, USA


  • Ann Marie Acosta Williams, TCRG, New York, USA
  • Brian Boyce, Pennsylvania, USA
  • William Furlong, New York, USA
  • Brian Glynn, South Carolina, USA
  • Brian Grant, ADCRG, Toronto, Canada
  • Pat King, Toronto, Canada
  • Chris McLoughlin, New Jersey, USA
  • Niall Mulligan, New York, USA
  • Sean O’Brien, Calgary, Canada
  • Niall O’Leary, USA
  • Cormac O’Shea, TCRG, Minnesota, USA
  • Mike Shaffer, Ohio, USA
  • Regan Wick, TCRG, New Jersey, USA
  • Theresa Shaffer Wilkinson, ADCRG, Pennsylvania, USA