How will Oireachtas work this year?

How will Oireachtas work this year?

This is a unique year and a challenging time to host an Oireachtas. The Southern Region is implementing a host of new procedures to keep our dancing families safe while competing. 

Here is a helpful guide of what to expect when you arrive.  Please be sure to read it in full prior to attending.

 In a nutshell 

Here is the vital stuff. But read below for more detail and information. 

  • Pick up your number card BEFORE you enter the ballroom. 
  • All number cards available from Thursday onward. 
  • You will receive a Spectator card also. THIS IS IMPORTANT! 
  • Keep both your Number card and Spectator card for all three rounds AND awards. 
  • Only enter the ballroom when your color is called. 
  • Once you enter the seated area, no more dancing. 
  • No dancing in the lobby. 
  • Holding lanes open at 7:15AM. 
  • Seating begins at 7:30AM
  • Don’t forget your gift bag! 

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