Adjudicators, Musicians for 2016 Southern Region Oireachtas announced

The following adjudicators and musicians will be participating in the 2016 Southern Region Oireachtas in Baltimore, Maryland.


North American                                   

  • Alison Reaney Brown, ONT, CAN
  • Kathleen Boutin, MA, USA
  • Angela Hogan, AB, CAN
  • Sally Houston, AB, CAN
  • Kim Lancaster, ONT, CAN
  • Laura Masters LeMesurier, CA, USA
  • Claire Kelly Maxwell, CA, USA
  • Jim Mueller, OR, USA
  • Karyn Oster, NY, USA


  • John Carey, ENG
  • Francis Curley, IRE
  • Maire Treacy Dixon, IRE
  • Isabella Fogarty, IRE
  • Kevin McCormick, IRE
  • Noreen McCutcheon, SCOT
  • Marcus Maloney, IRE
  • Anne Reid, IRE
  • Chris Ryan, IRE


  • Merv Bell, TCRG, AB, CAN
  • Brian Boyce, PA, USA
  • Bill Furlong, NY, USA
  • Brian Glynn, SC, USA
  • Niall Mulligan, NY, USA
  • Chris McLoughlin, NJ, USA
  • Cormac O’Shea, TCRG, MN, USA
  • Mike Shaffer, OH, USA
  • Brian James Sullivan, Glasgow, SCOT
  • Regan Wick, TCRG, NJ, USA
  • Teresa Shaffer Wilkinson, TCRG, PA, USA
  • Annmarie Acosta Williams, TCRG, NY, USA