Statement from the Southern Region Executive Board Regarding the Ongoing CLRG Investigation

The recent allegations regarding corruption within our organization have left us all shocked and saddened. We voice our sincere concern for those directly impacted and condemn this behavior.
We as a teachers’ organization have the primary responsibility of child protection. The recent leak of evidence sent to CLRG has done tremendous damage to the dancers, children, and family of these adjudicators and, regardless of guilt, the adjudicators themselves. We have reached out to our resources to provide assistance to any dancer/family seeking help during this difficult time for our dance community and families.
We find this practice of not judging fairly to be unacceptable and will work with CLRG and within our own region to find solutions to improve the standards of competitive Irish Dance. Our focus continues to be on the welfare of our dancers and the teachers who support them. We strive to provide fair competitions and will continue to review the adjudication process and make any necessary adjustments before our upcoming Oireachtas. The Southern Region will NOT hire anyone found guilty once the investigation has concluded, however we need to allow due process to take place. We have taken steps to ensure that our Oireachtas will be judged fairly and honestly.
An Coimisiún have policies and procedures in place for dealing with such matters which are available for all to see in the Disciplinary policy under the “Rules” section on the website. On Tuesday, 4th October, an official statement on the matter was published under the “News” section on the Coimisiún website
The Southern Region Executive Board will keep the membership abreast of any new information or guidance as it becomes available and encourages any person with information about adjudicator corruption to send such evidence to for inclusion into this independent investigation.
Southern Region Executive Board