Grade Exams

The Grade Exam program is a non-competitive series of competency/proficiency tests offered by CLRG, the Irish dancing commission. Grade exams are available to dancers of all ages. Grade exams are not competitions, costumes and wigs are not permitted. Dancers appear before the examiner one at a time.

Beginning January 2018, a person must have passed Grades 1 – 12 before they may apply for the examination to be certified as an Irish Dancing Teacher, a TCRG.

CLRG’s Grade Exam Page has detailed information about the rules and process for taking and hosting grade exams.  In North America, grade exams are often offered during the weekend of a feis.

There are a number of ADCRGs in North America who have also been trained as grade examiners. Their certification is designated as ADCRG-BG. The organizers of grade exams limited to Preliminary through Grade 6 may select any person certified as ADCRG-BG to conduct grade exams. If the exam will offer grades higher than 6, the Examination Authority at CLRG will appoint an examiner. The following IDTANA-SR members are grade examiners.


Name Certfication Location Contact
Russell Beaton SDCRG Examiner Frederick, MD Email
Terry Gillian ADCRG Examiner Tampa, FL Email
Anne Hall ADCRG Grade Examiner Denver, CO Email
Pat Hall ADCRG Grade Examiner Fresno, CA Email
Bill Maple ADCRG Grade Examiner McLean, VA Email
Judy McCafferty SDCRG Examiner Maumelle, AR Email
P.J. McCafferty ADCRG Grade Examiner Maumelle, AR Email
Mary McGinty ADCRG Grade Examiner Germantown, TN Email
Philip Owen ADCRG Grade Examiner Tampa, FL Email
Myra Watters ADCRG Grade Examiner Orlando, FL Email